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Telephone: +1 555 123 456 789


Address: 2148  Street Name, City Name, County, 92103

Founded August of 2015 as Curbside on 5th we were a late night stop for the bar crowd. Our cute 144 square foot building was situated perfectly for the b hoppers. Word spread fast and after 3 months you demanded we open our menu to the lunch and dinner crowd. With and expanded menu and a wonderful summertime patio we thrived though 2018. A forced relocation of the restaurant also found a new name Cafe C5 in 2019. Now in the new space we are able to offer indoor seating with another expanded menu. Enjoy our complimentary potato chips made in house and served with our honey mustard dipping sauce while you browse the menu. Select your choice of beverages including beer and wine. We have appetizers, sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts.